Video: Goalkeeper picks up injured player, injured player experiences miraculous recovery

This is how to sort out players feigning injury

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Players feigning injury is a scourge on the modern game.

But how to deal with it? Should referees be better at spotting when players are acting? Should managers instil no-nonsense policies to stop their players pretending? Or should footballers take it upon themselves to stop doing it?

Those are all options with merit, but a quicker, simpler method would be to employ the tactics used by Toronto FC goalkeeper Joe Bendik.

In the MLS match between Toronto and Montreal Impact at the weekend, Felipe went down and stayed down. Bendik smelt a rat, and after telling the referee as much, decided to take the matter into his own hands... literally.

The keeper picked Felipe up and in doing so, seemed to inspire a miraculous recovery, as the Montreal players was immediately walking as if nothing had happened.

Watch the incident below...


Incredibly, Bendik was shown a yellow card for his actions whilst Felipe escaped without any action.

The incident came in what was a heated match that saw both teams reduced to 10 men before the match finished 1-1.