Video: Ronaldinho signs shirt DURING Mexican league match - proving pitch invaders are becoming more ballsy

The Brazilian has caused a bit of a stir since his switch to Queretaro

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An episode involving Ronaldinho proves that pitch invaders are definitely getting more ballsy.

The Brazilian recently switched to Mexican side Queretaro and during their league match with Atlas was confronted by a fan who ran onto the pitch.

With the game in full-flow, the youngster sprinted over to the former Ballon d'Or winner.

After giving the playmaker a quick hug, he can then be seen pleading with Ronaldinho to sign his shirt. The former Barcelona player protests for a moment before taking up the offered pen and scrawling his name.

You can watch the video below...



Pitch invaders were until recently synonymous with those wishing to expose themselves in public and then being taken down by security personnel or the police in comedic fashion. But things are changing.


The current star of Brazil, Neymar, recently rescued a cute pitch invader from stewards during a game against South Africa before lifting him up and throwing the kid up and down in the air with his team-mates.




And it's not just Brazilians inspiring the pitch invaders. During Manchester City's recent 7-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday in the Capital One Cup, a fan got onto the pitch at the Etihad and managed to take a selfie with Frank Lampard.

A fan who ran on the pitch during the game takes a selfie with Frank Lampard was promptly arrested for his troubles



Before his switch to Liverpool, the same thing happened to Mario Balotelli during a game with AC Milan.


Whatever next?