Video: This effort from Philipp Hofmann really could be the 'worst miss ever'

The German striker has become something of an internet hit

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Every few weeks there seems to be a new 'worst miss ever' doing the rounds.

In the case of the one below, it really is difficult to think of a more embarrassing blooper.

So take a bow Philipp Hofmann - the title is yours.

The Kaiserslautern player somehow managed to miss from just a couple of yards out, in the middle of the goal, under no pressure and with the ball coming to him at a delicate pace.

It really is incredible. Were he asked to do it again, he probably couldn't. Not that he would want to, the miss in the Bundesliga 2 match against Union Berlin has become something of an internet sensation, with over 150,000 views since last night's match.

Watch the miss below...


At least Hofmann can console himself that Kaiserslautern went on to win the match.