Wayne Rooney knockout: Was it the best celebration ever? Or was he beaten by Paul Gascoigne, Jimmy Bullard or Mario Balotelli?

VOTE: Wayne Rooney joined a list of iconic and memorable celebrations, let us know where you think it ranks among the all-time greats.

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Wayne Rooney offered the perfect response to the front page story that he was knocked out by former team-mate Phil Bardsley in a friendly boxing match in his kitchen.

After scoring to put his side 3-0 up against Tottenham, the Manchester United and England captain got in a couple of imaginary blows before falling backwards in mock knockout.

The video and subsequent celebration quickly became a worldwide storm and will now, surely, be seen as one of the most iconic and memorable goal celebrations we've seen in football.


"It’s in my own home. It’s not public. It’s what friends do," said Rooney, speaking after the game.

"They mess around in the house. It was a couple of mates in a private house, and somehow it’s managed to get on the front page of a national newspaper. That’s the world we live in today."

But despite all the furore around the celebration, was it the best we've ever seen?

We've had a dig around in the past to bring you 44 of the most memorable celebrations ever (note: the list does not contain only the best, but also the most memorable and controversial).

Have a scroll through the gallery and then make your selection below.





We've probably forgotten some of the best in our vote. Let us know what celebration you think was best in the comments section below.

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