Wayne Rooney says he will team up with Stone Cold Steve Austin to face Bad News Barrett and Preston's Kevin Davies at WrestleMania

Intercontinental champ Barrett was not pleased with Rooney's dive

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Wayne Rooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bad News Barrett and Kevin Davies in a WrestleMania 31 tag-team dream match?

Bad News Barrett, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, has been embroiled in a brilliant Twitter exchange with Manchester United captain Rooney, after Barrett, who hails from Preston, accused the England international of diving against his beloved Preston North End to win a penalty in the 3-1 FA Cup fifth-round defeat on Monday night.

Bad News Barrett

What started as merely delivering some Bad News, ended up in potential tag-team main event at WrestleMania in six weeks time involving Attitude Era legend Stone Cold Steve Austin and burley Preston striker Kevin Davies.

How the main event might end

  Here is how the events unfolded:

Rooney took no time to reply


If Rooney has Stone Cold in his corner, Barrett is bringing combative Preston striker Kevin Davies, and even called upon WWE chairman Vince McMahon to set the wheels in motion


Davies is up for it

Rooney's ready

As is his partner Stone Cold, although he is not best pleased that Rooney has not "embraced" his baldness


Davies had the final say