Wenger will not take Mourinho to court

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Arsène Wenger took legal advice before deciding yesterday that he would not sue Jose Mourinho over the Chelsea manager's description of him as a "voyeur" for his criticism of the Stamford Bridge club.

The Arsenal manager, whose side face Blackburn Rovers today, joked that the extent of legal fees in Britain - "they say 'Hello' and that's £100,000" - had made him think twice and he hoped the clubs could put the dispute behind them - although he promised to continue to stand up for himself.

Wenger said: "I cannot see that statement to be malicious or vicious enough. For me the intention behind the statement is important and I came to the conclusion - and I hope I am right - that there was nothing planned or malicious behind it. That's why I want to focus on the future, the good of the team and not look back and waste my energy with a negative attitude."

Mourinho said: "It's a sensible and intelligent decision. He knows my feelings about the situation. I don't want to make it personal. I want it to finish and I hope he does the same because it's the best for everyone."