What will David Beckham call his new MLS franchise? Miami Spice possibly?

The former England captain has confirmed he will set up a new MLS franchise in Miami

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David Beckham today confirmed the worst kept secret in football - that he will set up a new MLS franchise based in Miami.

While his regular trips to the Florida city ensured the news came as little surprise, the former England captain failed to unveil what the team will be called.

That has led to intense speculation and one bookmaker has issued odds on what Beckham will name his team.

And it would seem the favourite is just a little egotistical with Miami Beckham United coming in at 3-1. Among the others with relatively short odds are Miami Tropics (6-1), Miami Fusion (7-1) and Miami Matadors (10-1).

Some of the names put forward with longer odds include Beckham FC (12-1), Miami Gatos (16-1), Miami Metrosexuals (20-1) and Miami Maestro's (22-1).

One possible name was not priced up by bookmakers - probably due to the incredible unlikelihood of it happening. Yet there is a clear winner among users of Twitter - Miami Spice.

Odds provided by Betfair