Why always daddy? 10 fatherhood tips for Mario Balotelli


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This week Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli became a father for the first time when his former partner Raffaella Fico gave birth to their daughter Pia. As a first-time father Mario will need all the advice he can get.

Here are 10 top tips for Premier League child-rearing:

* When baby Pia first goes to the toilet successfully, clap and celebrate as the parenting manuals encourage. Don't just stare at the potty's contents and make a "ssshing" gesture

* At dinner time, leave any bib adjustments to Raffaella. Or the baby

* If you're going to let her play with fireworks make sure she wears gloves

* Quad bikes are not appropriate for under-eights

* Nor are spontaneous trips to women's prisons

* Or darts

* When you lift your shirt after scoring to reveal the message "il mio bel bambino Pia", remember that it's only a booking if the shirt goes over your head. (If in doubt, ask Carlos)

* It is baby Pia's choice, and hers alone, as to when she would like her first bleached Mohican

* A fistful of £100 notes is not an appropriate present for Baby's First Christmas

* Don't dress her in a baby United kit and appear on MUTV