Alan Pardew hits out at Jamie Carragher in programme notes for analysis of Christian Benteke penalty

The Crystal Palace manager took exception with Carragher's analysis of Andre Marriner's decision to award a late penalty

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Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew has heavily criticised Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher’s analysis in his programme notes.

The 54-year-old coach took exception to Carragher’s comments after his side’s home defeat to Liverpool a fortnight ago, which came after Christian Benteke won and scored a late penalty.

Pardew criticised referee Andre Marriner’s decision to penalise Damien Delaney’s tackle and has now turned his attention to Carragher, who defended the official’s call.

“What annoyed me most were Jamie Carragher’s strong comments after the game stating that Christian Benteke was right to go down and win the penalty,” Pardew writes ahead of Saturday’s match against Leicester City.

“I couldn’t disagree more with those sentiments and it is a shame that so many former and current players share his opinion that diving is a valid tactic.

“Would Carragher have had the same opinion if Wilf had gone down in the box in the 94th minute of a massive game at Anfield? I suspect not, but loyalties can blur opinions at times.”

Carragher, who spent the whole of his 17-year-long playing career with Liverpool, believed Marriner’s decision was correct.

"Yes 100 per cent, as soon as I saw it," he said on Sky Sports when asked if it was a penalty.

"It is a stupid decision to dive in and it was not there initially, but he just clipped his right knee on Benteke's left ankle and it is a penalty. It is not the initial challenge, but the follow through.

"I do not even think there is debate. I think when you are running at that pace and you have been clipped. He could have stayed up."

The 38-year-old pundit has now responded to Pardew’s criticism and defended his stance on the penalty decision.

“Wow! Also what's the time of the game got to do with whether it's a penalty or not,” he tweeted. “No answer on the pen at reading (sic)!”

Carragher refers to Palace's late penalty during their 2-0 FA Cup sixth round win at Reading, which came after Yannick Bolasie had been pulled back by Jake Cooper.

Pardew refers to the incident in his notes, saying: "Of course, we were then given a soft penalty in our FA Cup quarter-final at Reading last Friday.

"Not for one second do I subscribe to the theory that any touch is enough to send anyone down in seach of a penalty and my players would never be encouraged to do that.

"I would hope that other influential voices in the game also start to promote those sentiments."