Ander Herrera: Manchester United midfielder could give evidence in match-fixing investigation

Herrera could be called to court over Real Zaragoza investigation

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Ander Herrera could end up giving evidence in an on-going match-fixing investigation in Spain.

The 25-year-old Manchester United midfielder has been suggested by the Spanish media as one of eight players, as well as former manager Javier Aguirre, who was unknowingly involved in a bribe from then-Real Zaragoza president Agapito Iglesias.

The investigation is looking at the La Liga match between Zaragoza and Levante in the 2010-11 season. Agapito is alleged to have paid a sum of money into the players' bank account and then asked for it back in cash - the money is believed to have been used to pay off Levante with Zaragoza needing a win to avoid relegation.

Herrera is not suggested to have been involved in any wrongdoing, or known what the money was for. Former club captain Gabi, who is said to have received €90,000 (£71,000), is understood to have told the investigation: "I was doing what the club told me".

Iglesias  has since claimed the payments were a bonus, something the players deny.

If the case is accepted then Herrera could be called to give evidence in Spain, though there is the possibility he will receive special dispensation to do it in England.