Arsenal players take head tennis challenge to next level... by doing it in a swimming pool

Arsenal are currently in Singapore on pre-season

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First a small group of Chelsea players did it in the canteen.

That was topped when 13 St Johnstone youngsters went around their dressing room with 49 continuous headers.

Now the Arsenal first team, currently in Singapore on a pre-season trip, have taking the head tennis challenge to the swimming pool.

The squad tries it with a few different players in the middle but can't get it on the first few attempts.

It's not until they have Spanish maestro Santi Cazorla is standing in the middle, that the Arsenal squad, including Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain plenty more, manage to keep the ball in the air for 26 touches.

Not quite what the St Johnstone lads managed but it's not so easy to move around in chest high water.

Arsenal next play Everton on Saturday (1.30pm BST) at the Singapore National Stadium.

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