Arsenal players comeback at Roy Keane after 'selfie-obsession' criticism from the former Manchester United captain

Keane claimed too many players were more interested in taking pictures of themselves than winning the Premier League title

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Arsenal's players indulged in a few selfies in the aftermath of their Community Shield victory, with it taunting Roy Keane, who claimed in the build-up to the game that the Gunners were incapable of winning the title due to their obsession with self-portraits.

The former Manchester United captain said before Sunday's 1-0 win over Chelsea: "Arsenal have some really good players - some good characters who roll their sleeves up.

"But they also have one or two players who are more interested in selfies and six-packs, guys who are trying to get their pictures taken every day of the week.

"Every year we hear the same thing about Arsenal being contenders. Instead of focusing on the Premier League, it's all about how their bodies look, how their hair is, more so than winning football matches."

Keane's claim that Arsenal are incapable of winning the title was severely dented by the Gunners' performance at Wembley. A resolute defensive display coupled with an excellent goal from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was enough to beat the reigning champions and with it boost confidence that Arsene Wenger's team are capable of winning the title - even if some players do love a selfie.


After the match, the players took a number of pictures which they shared on social media - proving that winning and self-portraits are not mutually exclusive.


Arsenal begin their assault on the Premier League this weekend with a home match against West Ham.