Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez loves football so much he evens sleeps on a bed of them

The Gunners' forward had signed the footballs to give away to children

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Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez will not be returning to the club until 3 August after being given an extended holiday after his heroics for Chile at the Copa America and here he is making the most of his rest - sleeping on a bed of footballs he had signed for children.

Sanchez played 52 games for the Gunners in all competitions last season before guiding Chile to success earlier this month.

After signing the pile of footballs for the children he took a well-earned rest.

The 26-year-old Sanchez will not return to Arsenal until a day after the Community Shield fixture against Chelsea, and only five days before the start of the Premier League season. Gunners' manager Arsene Wenger has already said that he will be out for the club's first league game of the season, against West Ham on 9 August.

"He will be back on 3 August and usually it takes three weeks to be competitive," Wenger said earlier this summer. "With Alexis it could be a little bit less. He will certainly miss the first game.


"He went into the Copa America a little bit jaded but when he had to turn up in the final he was there, always dangerous, always provoking opponents and the one with the guts to take the final penalty.”

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