Arsenal to increase team hotel security after string of late-night disturbances including Olivier Giroud's rule-breaking

The Gunners were kept awake all night prior to 5-1 defeat away to Liverpool

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Arsenal have improved the security at their pre-match team hotels after a string of disturbances affected the Gunner’s players before key games this season.

The step-up has been introduced following the recent actions and rule-breaking of forward Olivier Giroud and also from disruptions suffered before key matches including the 5-1 away defeat to Liverpool.

The Arsenal squad spend nights in a hotel near their opponent’s stadium before an away game, a common feature for most clubs, but on the night before their match with Liverpool, the team were kept awake by disturbances outside the hotel.

The new measures are also being made to help make sure the players behave before games.

Giroud recently broke club rules after, allegedly, taken a girl back to the team hotel before the Gunners’ win over Crystal Palace in February.

The French international’s reported extra-marital affair with model Celia Kay has been well documented in recent months.


The bolstered security will hope to make sure their players get the necessary rest prior to matches and also make sure they adhere to club rules and don’t step out of line.

Arsenal chiefs said on Friday night that they improve security procedures on a constant basis but any details would remain private.