Arsene Wenger responds to Paul Scholes jibe: 'People who have managed zero games have opinions and we have to accept that', says Arsenal manager

Scholes launched a stinging attack on the Gunners this week

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Arsene Wenger has responded to Paul Scholes' attack on his team by saying that the Manchester United great is welcome to his opinion, despite managing "zero games", and questioned how he worked out his Arsenal side, who are six points off the top, are "a million miles" away from winning the league.

It was during punditry duty this week when Scholes ripped into the Gunners' team, saying that they are a "million miles away" from winning the title.

"It was a typical week for Arsenal," he said after the club's 2-2 draw which followed the 6-0 defeat at Chelsea. "For one reason or another players just seem to go missing."

"I don’t know if that’s what the manager does, it just seems that way. They just seem to be midfield players with no discipline. There are no leaders, there’s no Patrick Vieira, there’s no [Tony] Adams, there’s no Martin Keown.

"I know they are third or fourth in the league but they are a million miles away in my eyes. When we played Arsenal it was really tough. You play Arsenal now, you think just get stuck in and you’ve won the game."


Wenger came back at Scholes in his press briefing today before the Manchester City game by saying he couldn't quite work out how the 39-year-old worked out that six points is a million miles away, and that is team are still in the title race.

Paul Scholes expressing his criticisms after Tuesday night's game

"If six points is a 'million miles away' [from the title], I don't know what the translation of a mile into a point is," he said about Scholes.

"Everybody has opinions, people who have managed zero games have opinions and we have to accept that.

"What you live with is what you do on the pitch, and all the rest is only opinions.

"We are in a society where there are thousands of opinions every day, and some go for you and some go against you. You have to live with that."