Ashley Young offers to pay for Manchester City fan's phone after breaking it taking a selfie

The Manchester United midfielder was asked for a photo but accidentally dropped the device

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When taking a selfie with a Manchester City fan's phone, Ashley Young dropped the device and cracked the screen.

But rather than any suggestion of malice by the Manchester United winger, after learning of the breakage on Twitter, he apologised to the fan and even offered to have the device repaired.

The gesture from Young came after a conversation began on Twitter between Annie Taylor and a fellow City fan who suggested Young should get her a replacement, say sorry or offer to pay for the new screen. "Come in Youngy sort it out man. Haha" Annie's friend wrote.

Young appeared to spot the conversation and moved in, tweeting: "so sorry, follow me so I can DM (direct message) you and get your screen repaired".



The former Aston Villa player's popularity has been increasing in the red half of Manchester across this season thanks to some impressive displays under Louis van Gaal. Despite the arrival of some expensively-paid additions during the summer, the 29-year-old has commanded a regular place in the side.

But his kind gesture to the Manchester City fan appears to have seen his stock rise in the blue half of the city too.