Aston Villa vs Chelsea: Things you could do since Paul Lambert's team last scored

It's been 10 hours and 12 minutes since Aston Villa last scored a Premier League goal

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Aston Villa have scored fewer goals than the other 91 clubs in England's four professional divisions - just 11 in their 23 games so far this season.

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Their last goal in the top flight came at home to Manchester United in the 1-1 draw at Villa Park on 20 December - Christian Benteke scoring in the 18th minute.

When the minutes ticked away in the 5-0 defeat to Arsenal last weekend, Paul Lambert's team passed an unwanted milestone; they had gone 10 hours without scoring.

The run is their worst in Villa's 141 year existence.

That record now stands at 10 hours 12 minutes, here's a couple of things you could do in that time...

  • If you're a film fan you're in luck. Pick your favourite series and sit back.  The three Lord of the Rings films have a total running time of 558 minutes (9 hours 18 minutes).
    Join Frodo and Co in the shire


  • The seven Rocky films have a total running time of 10 hours 39 minutes - if Chelsea shut Villa out for the first half an hour, you'll be able to catch the climatic fight of film number seven Rocky Balboa.
  • The first season of hit TV show Game of Thrones lasts 550 minutes - you could make a start on the second series.
  • If you fancy getting out of the house then go ahead, the London Marathon took an average of time of 4 hours 31 minutes last year - run it twice and have a sit down after.
  • You could fly from a London airport to the Caribbean, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cuba, and just about to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico City or Miami.
    Visit Miami


  • The 20-mile swim from England to France across the Channel takes just 10 hours.
  • Villa Park to Stamford Bridge is about 112 miles - you'd need to average just over 11mph but you could make it on a bike. Or if you fancy watching some decent football Goodison is 90 miles, a slightly more leisurely pace.
  • We're not suggesting you're an unmanned space probe, but if you were, you could travel to the moon; that takes 553 minutes.
  • Around the world, 255 babies are born every minute - in 10 hours and 12 minutes that means there are another 156,060 new borns in their swaddling clothes.
    Fancy a chocolate bar?


  • One of Brimingham's most famous exports, Cadbury, produces around 1,200 chocolate bars per minute. A whopping 734,400 have been produced - though we're not sure how many have been eaten.

We're now sure Aston Villa will score in the opening minute of the match against the Premier League leaders.