Blackburn slash ticket prices in bid to lure more young fans

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The Blackburn chairman John Williams believes the way to attract more young supporters to Ewood Park is to make the game more affordable. That is why his club will use money from the new Premiership television deal to reduce prices for fans of all ages.

Blackburn have introduced several initiatives this season to deal with concerns about falling attendances and the rising cost of tickets. The club's forthcoming Uefa Cup match against Bayer Leverkusen will be free to season-ticket holders. Non-season-ticket holders will pay £15, with children charged £1.

Williams said: "If the game is to thrive then we need a new generation of fans coming through the turnstiles. We are also targeting school groups by offering reduced prices. The new television deal offers the opportunity for us to ease some of the financial burden on fans and show that we recognise their concerns on this issue.

"We have been looking at ways of making sure they get value for money for a long time now. We have implemented a planned strategy rather than a knee-jerk reaction on the issue of cost. The Premiership is becoming increasingly predictable, with most people able to name the top four clubs at the start of the season, so we need to try to remain competitive. But this has not stopped us addressing fans' concerns."