Burnley's McCann wings in with a prayer

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Although the injection of horse placenta may be the Premier League's current favoured technique for boosting recovery, Burnley's Chris McCann is relying on a more traditional – or fictional, depending on your viewpoint – method to help him in his fight back to full fitness.

After hobbling off against Sunderland in September, the 22-year-old midfielder's season looked over as scans revealed he had severe medial and cruciate ligament damage.

However, his cruciate has reattached itself without surgery meaning he should now be fit next month as opposed to some time in the summer and McCann has revealed that his family have been relying on far more than just patience and physiotherapy.

"I had a lot of prayers said for me at home and something worked as I am back to this level of fitness way ahead of schedule," he said.

"At first, they thought I had just twisted the knee but then we had a scan and we realised it was serious.

"The medial ligament was torn and the cruciate was torn as well, someone said I could be gone for the season. But the cruciate basically reattached itself and healed itself, which is a very rare thing to happen, the medical staff have told me.

"I know my aunties and all my family were praying and lighting candles for me, so they will say their faith and prayers is the reason for the unexpected recovery.

The Burnley manager, Owen Coyle's smile was just as wry as McCann's when discussing the situation, but he was happy to admit to seeking divine inspiration himself at times when professional skills just don't seem to be enough to get a job done.

"I had to go to Rome the other week as well so maybe that had something to do with it," Coyle said. "I'm a big believer in prayers myself, I say them every day so if that's the case then great. We just want Chris McCann back because he is just a big player for this football club."