Campbell back in training this week, says adviser

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Team-mate Robert Pires claimed Campbell had "a big worry on the private side", but the England centre-back's solicitor, Bon Battu, has dismissed that. "Sol is absolutely fine. I have been in continuous contact with him since Wednesday evening," Battu said. "He needed time and space to gather his thoughts. He has no personal problems whatsoever. He will be back in training this week."

Arsenal's manager, Arsène Wenger, who has not heard from the player since seeing him depart in midweek, had pleaded with Campbell to get in touch so Wenger can help him through the personal crisis that has put his career on hold.

"The only thing you can do is accept that every human being reacts differently to problems and the only thing we can do as a club is to support people when they need our help," he said.

"Every human being has the right to privacy and you try to respect that. When players come out with their private life you have to support them, but some don't like it and you have to respect that.

"Am I worried? No, not really. He is in a difficult period at the moment. And you can only help people if they are in touch. I haven't seen him since Wednesday night. It is not a big concern for me because I feel he just needs a break. Will a few days to clear his head be sufficient? I think so. I do not know what the problem is. I like him very much as a person because he is honest and straight and not malicious. He is just a guy I rate highly as a human being."

Campbell was left out of Arsenal's squad for the match at Birmingham yesterday despite Arsenal suffering from an acute shortage of defenders, although Wenger did back him to make a return to the club and to top form. "I think he will come back, back to what he was. Why not? This period is a bit more difficult for the club with the results and with his own performances, but I think he will come back," Wenger added.

"A lack of form is always a concern for the manager because you feel responsible for that as well. Sometimes you know if it is just down to physical problems and sometimes you don't. Sometimes it can be just a bad patch, like the guy who plays tennis all year and doesn't win every tournament. He has good and bad periods. He doesn't go out a lot and he doesn't drink. He has a healthy life and his weight is stable. He controls his diet very well, so I don't think there is any problem on that side."