Carlos Tevez report to Manchester City training ground


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Carlos Tevez tonight arrived back at Manchester City's training ground for an appointment with a club doctor.

The City striker flew back into the north west this afternoon after more than three months' unauthorised leave in his native Argentina.

The 28-year-old was met by a large gathering of photographers and TV cameramen as he and his family walked through Manchester Airport after travelling overnight from Buenos Aires.


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After a brief stop at home, he then went on to the club's training complex at Carrington, where he was expected to undergo an examination with medical staff.

Tevez yesterday said on Argentinian TV he would be fit enough to play in two weeks but the club intend to make their own assessment.

Tevez has decided to return to resume his City career after failing to secure a move during last month's transfer window.

"The most important thing for me is to return to get fit," he told Fox Sports.

Tevez has not played for City since being accused of refusing to warm up during the infamous Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich in September.

He was suspended and later fined by the club after that incident and then flew back to Argentina without permission in November.

The club have since fined him another six weeks' wages, believed to be around £1.2million. After failing with an initial appeal to the club against that sanction, he lodged another appeal with the Premier League.


Manager Roberto Mancini initially said Tevez was "finished" at City after the Munich episode, but the Italian has recently appeared open to the possibility the former captain playing for the club again.

Mancini, however, has previously stated Tevez would need to apologise to be considered for selection.

Tevez also said in his Argentinian interview yesterday: "I do not think I was wrong, but if they [the club] think so I apologise.

"I am ready to return, to win and do the best for the club's shirt."

It remains to be seen how quickly Mancini will reintegrate Tevez into his first-team squad.

City have also not yet responded to the Fox interview, which included a claim from Tevez that Mancini treated him "like a dog" in Munich.

Tevez said Mancini had been angered by the reaction of striker Edin Dzeko to being substituted when the controversial incident involving him occurred.

Tevez said: "I was kind of in a bad mood and when he brings on (Nigel) de Jong and takes off Dzeko, and we're losing 2-0, I thought it was a defensive substitution so I decided to sit back on the bench.

"I had already warmed up for 10 minutes and he has this attitude that he wants to lose 2-0 instead of 4-0.

"So I sat down and at the same time Dzeko comes off and is really angry and has a go at Mancini.

"He then sees the tunnel is closed so he has to sit down next to him and they start to have an argument.

"Dzeko was speaking Bosnian and Mancini would swear at him in Italian so it was a real mess.

"So I go and sit down and he doesn't see me because he's having this discussion. But then he turns around and sees me and you can imagine what happens.

"He's in the middle of an argument so then he tells me to keep on warming up and treats me like a dog."