Jose Mourinho immediately after Chelsea 1 Burnley 1: How do you feel? 'I'm happy that I'm not stupid’

Chelsea manager not impressed with Martin Atkinson's performance

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Jose Mourinho has accused referee Martin Atkinson of not doing his job correctly after Nemanja Matic was sent off during Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Burnley, and again made references to a perceived campaign against his club.

The Portuguese manager stated that Matic would not have been sent off for his reaction to Ashley Barnes’ foul had the Burnley player himself been red-carded for a charge in the first half. Although refusing to state his complaints directly due to concern over receiving another fine, Mourinho’s fury was clear.

“This game had four crucial moments. Minute 30, minute 33, minute 43, minute 69,” he said, alluding to a Barnes challenge, two penalty calls and then Matic’s red card.

“You go through these moments and know exactly what happened in this game,” added Mourinho (pictured). “Minute 69 has a big relation with minute 30 because normally the player, if I can call him a player, was involved in minute 30 and minute 31 should be in the shower. No minute 69 if the person in charge does it in a proper way in minute 30.”

When asked about his mood, he stated: “I’m happy that I’m not stupid. A couple of weeks ago when I was here in the press conference after the Liverpool game in the Capital One Cup, I knew already it was going on  and on and on, subtitles saying ‘Diego [Costa] crimes’. Compare ‘Diego crimes’ with what happened today.”