Chelsea 'banter' ban: The 10 best things managers have banned from their players as Jose Mourinho banishes 'banter'

Mourinho and Chelsea players have decided to halt all fun and games in the dressing room in a bid to get their season back on track

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Jose Mourinho has banned "banter" from his Chelsea squad in a bid to get their faltering Premier League title defence back on track after a number of early setbacks, but he is far from the first manager to outlaw something from his squad.

In fact, some of the best stories from the football archives include managers banning certain things from the dressing room, or players revealing their horror when one their favourite foods or objects was placed on the forbidden list.

It’s not always a matter of making changes to try and resolve an issue in the changing room either. Teams have banned certain things and gone on to win the title, hinting that player happiness may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Here, we take a look at some of the best, worst and downright bizarre things to be banned in the history of world football.


Chelsea fans will hope that the "banter" ban will see a quick change in fortunes for the Blues, having taken just four points from their first five matches which leaves them 11 points off early leaders and main rivals Manchester City.