Chelsea fans voted the ugliest in the Premier League just ahead of Manchester United - with Bournemouth fans crowned best looking

Survey by saw 1,000 take part

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Chelsea supporters have been voted as the ugliest fans in the Premier League, just ahead of Manchester United, according to a survey of 1,000 people.

The best lookers in England's top flight come from the South Coast, with Bournemouth taking the top spot just ahead of Southampton. 

The survey, conducted by dating website, found that 58 per cent would happily date a Bournemouth supporter, while nine per cent said they would actively avoid dating a Manchester United fan.

Rivalries had an influence on the outcome, with one in four Liverpool fans saying they would never date an Everton supporter, but Newcastle fans were rather more open, with only 15 per cent flatly saying no to rival  Sunderland supporters.

In north London, 22 per cent of Tottenham supporters would avoid Arsenal fans, with the same number reflecting Manchester City's support towards loval rivals United.

"Football might be the beautiful game, but emotions can run high in sport," said Kate Taylor, relationship expert for Match.

"As we already know, couples with shared interests last longest, so when searching potential dates on Match mobile, it's quite likely that fellow supporters will tickle your fancy.

"If you do accidentally fall for a rival fan you'll both have to exercise tact during football season.

"No taunts when your team wins, no sulking when theirs does - and never ask your partner to swap teams for you, or you're sure to find yourself being substituted."

Manchester United fans were ahead of only Chelsea



1. Bournemouth

2. Southampton

3. Norwich City

4. Manchester City

5. Swansea City

6. Newcastle United

7. Aston Villa

8. Leicester City

9. Arsenal

10. Everton

11. Watford

12. West Ham United

13. Liverpool

14. West Bromwich Albion

15. Crystal Palace

16. Tottenham Hotspur

17. Stoke City

18. Sunderland

19. Manchester United

20. Chelsea

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