Chelsea players unhappy at Robben's 'embarrassing' fall

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Chelsea's Italian goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini said yesterday that Reina deserved to be sent off for pushing his hand into the face of Robben, who had come over to taunt the Liverpool player as he was called over by the referee, Alan Wiley. However, it is understood that after watching replays of the incident on television after the match, some of the Chelsea players felt that Robben's reaction to a gentle shove from Reina was embarrassing.</p>Robben was described as "embarrassing" by the former Chelsea player Pat Nevin, and "disgraceful" by the ex-Liverpool defender Alan Hansen, for the winger's 81st-minute tumble. Liverpool chose not to appeal against the straight red card earned by Reina and he will miss the next three games, beginning with Saturday's trip to Wigan.</p>Cudicini, who is set to play against Everton in the FA Cup fourth round replay tomorrow, said that he could "understand" how Reina felt about being dismissed for such a gentle contact with Robben's face but added that the referee "did the right thing." "I think the foul [on Eidur Gudjohnsen] was not a red card," he added. "But what happened with Arjen, you cannot raise your hand during a game."</p>Despite Rafael Benitez's accusation that Robben was a "diver", and his withering assessment that he looked as if he had "broken his neck", Jose Mourinho refused to be drawn on the incident after Sunday's game. With Robben fast developing a reputation as a player likely to land opponents in trouble, the Chelsea manager has told his squad not to discuss the Dutchman and his reaction to Reina ahead of tomorrow's match.</p>Nevin, the former Scotland international who played for Chelsea between 1983 and 1988, said thatRobben's reaction was "very embarrassing". He added: "He went down so easily. I looked at the replay and two or three Chelsea players shoved Reina far harder than he pushed Robben.</p>"I just wish the Football Association would have a look at the video evidence and book people or send them off for that sort of nonsense. People blame it on the foreign players but it's the English players who do it, too. We should name and shame the worst examples every week.</p>"Some players think it's part of the game and that whatever they can do to get an advantage, by any means possible, they should do it. When I played I never did that. My attitude, even if I was coming up against someone like Stuart Pearce who was going to level me, was that I would pretend not to be hurt even if I was. It was as if I was saying 'Is that your best shot? Have another go'.</p>Joe Cole would not discuss Robben's reaction to Reina, although he described the 2-0 victory over Liverpool as a "war at times". Hansen said that Robben's reaction was "disgraceful". "I am not mounting a defence of Reina but it is not the first time Robben has done something like this.</p>"Foreign imports have brought many great things to our game. But they have also brought bad things and one of those is going down like you have been shot when no one has actually touched you. It's time the authorities got a grip." </p>