Chelsea v Arsenal: Will Arsene Wenger finally get his first victory over Jose Mourinho?

In 10 matches between the pair, Mourinho has won five with five draws

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Arsene Wenger celebrates his landmark 1,000th match in charge of Arsenal on Saturday, but will have to face a man who he has never defeated - his nemesis, Jose Mourinho.

In all 10 matches between the pair in all competitions (all Arsenal v Chelsea) - Wenger has never seen himself on the winning side - losing five and drawing five.

Mourinho memorably branded Wenger a "specialist in failure" earlier this season with the Frenchman going eight full seasons without a trophy at Arsenal, and today Mourinho said Wenger was "privileged" to stay at the same club for that length of time without winning a trophy.

"The tribute is to say that any one of us, we'd love to have the same privilege with our clubs," Mourinho said. "I admire Wenger and I admire Arsenal, a club that stands by their manager in bad moments - of which there were quite a lot."

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Wenger refused to be drawn into a war of words about Mourinho in his press briefing, saying: "I would keep that [his opinion of Mourinho] for myself. Tomorrow I represent my club, I don't represent myself, and I will behave always in respecting the values of our club, and keep my own feelings far away from that."