Chelsea vs Tottenham: Jose Mourinho says Blues are 'playing to win', not to stay unbeaten despite prospect of matching 'Invincibles'

Chelsea sit top of the table and remain unbeaten in all competitions this season but the Portuguese insists he doesn't think that record will remain intact come May

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Jose Mourinho will prioritise winning over remaining undefeated as Chelsea go in search of trophies.

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The Blues are unbeaten after 20 matches in all competitions this season, leading to suggestions of a Barclays Premier League campaign without defeat.

Chelsea - prevented from scoring for the first time last Saturday at Sunderland - play Tottenham tonight and Mourinho knows silverware is the target, not matching Arsenal's 'Invincibles' of a decade ago.

He said: "One thing is that I don't think it's possible (to complete a season unbeaten). The other thing is that we are not playing for that.


"If (against Spurs) we have a 0-0 with 20 minutes to go, we are not going to play for the 0-0 to be undefeated after 21 matches. No way.

"If you play for that, if that is one objective, maybe you draw so many matches, you don't take risks to try and win matches. You are happy just to be undefeated.

"If you get 10 draws, you get 10 points. If you win five and lose five, you make 15 points.

"We are going to play matches to win. And, sometimes, we will lose.

"I'd prefer 15 points and lost matches than 10 points and being undefeated."

Chelsea have been scintillating at times, leading many to speak of the Blues as champions elect.

The soaring Blues were checked at the Stadium of Light and even had to make the return journey from Wearside by road.

John Terry leaves the pitch following the goalless draw with Sunderland

Mourinho added: "We couldn't even fly back to London by plane because of the fog. We had seven hours by bus to get back."

That gave the Portuguese time to reflect as he bids to secure his third Premier League title and Chelsea's first since 2010.

"We have to play, we have to win matches and must get points," Mourinho said.

"That's what we're doing. We don't promise anything. We don't put ourselves in that position, of being arrogant to say we are going to win. We don't do that.

"All we say is we're playing very well, we are getting results, we believe in ourselves, we are very happy with what we're doing.

"The measure of success in football is made by the trophies you win. We have to try to transform the quality of our work and performances into cups.

"Normally, the best team and best squad wins a league championship. But you cannot choose to try to win this competition or that one.

"We try to improve the team, try and have the best possible team playing the best possible football, adapted to different situations, and after that let's see what is possible to win."

Some consider only Manchester City capable of catching and overhauling Chelsea, but Mourinho disagrees.

"There's a long way to go," he added.

"Teams with 10- 12- 14-, 15-point difference, they are not out of the title race. I don't think so."