D-day for beleaguered Kenwright

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Bill Kenwright faces a fans' demonstration before today's emergency board meeting at Everton as his battle for power with Paul Gregg seems to be turning more unpleasant.

Kenwright has called for clear-the-air talks with his rival director, but it is suspected that unhappy followers of the troubled club are being encouraged to come along and criticise the chairman.

Kenwright and Gregg are now at loggerheads, with their fight being carried out in the boardroom, the media and now, possibly, the streets. Gregg is also looking to use a local PR company to advise him and help on his strategy to oust Kenwright, while the chairman's camp is convinced he is also stoking up unrest among the fans.

Kenwright has been trying to find new backers to end the club's financial crisis, but there is the chance that he will walk away if a takeover group comes forward. The millionaire mobile phone businessman Mike McComb and the builder David McLean, along with the wealthy Lord Grantchester, are potential buyers but have yet to make a move.

Kenwright would prefer not to hand power over to Gregg and the board meeting today is unlikely to see him standing down, although it is sure to be a bitter fight. Gregg knows that Kenwright's big weakness is his need to be loved by supporters who saw him as a hero, many of whom, however, now hold him responsible for the club's troubles.