David Beckham admits 'I was not world class' after Sir Alex Ferguson's remarks this week

Beckham was not included in Ferguson's list of 'world class' players

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David Beckham has agreed with Sir Alex Ferguson and admitted that he was not a world class footballer.

Ferguson made the comment that he had only managed four "world class" footballers during his 26-year reign at Manchester United this week while promoting his new book, Leading. Those players were Paul Scholes, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, and the "ornament on top of a Christmas tree" Cristiano Ronaldo.

Asked if he was insulted by Ferguson's remarks, the former winger Beckham said:

"Not at all. I played for the greatest manager of all time.


"I was lucky to play with the players that I did and be successful with the club I love.

"I tend to agree with the manager because there are certain players that you can call world class and thankfully I played with many of them."


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