Denis Law: Manchester City will welcome the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson

Former Manchester United hero would welcome the appointment of David Moyes

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Former Manchester United hero Denis Law believes that although Sir Alex Ferguson will be a hard act to follow, his successor will benefit from Manchester United’s patience with their managers – as demonstrated in Ferguson’s difficult first three-and-a-half-years without a trophy.

“When he first came, he might have been given the sack,” said Law “but they didn’t do so and the new guy will benefit on the people upstairs recognising that success doesn’t always come straight away. So they will be reluctant unless the man does extremely badly to sack him.”

As to who that might be Law would be delighted with fellow Scot David Moyes. “David’s done a marvellous job at Everton, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that comes about. Jose Mourinho has got the pedigree but would he be suitable for Manchester United? I don’t know. I have a feeling a foreign manager wouldn’t work.”

Law also believes that Manchester City, for whom he played in two spells, will be delighted to see the back of Ferguson.

 “City haven’t been at their best in the league this season but now he’s retired they will feel a bit better. When a new guy comes into any new job with his own ways sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but what Fergie has left is a very solid foundation team-wise, financially and so much behind the scenes that people don’t see.”

Meanwhile, Sir Bobby Charlton paid tribute to the "fantastic" and "sensational" Ferguson.

Charlton was one of the United directors who appointed Ferguson in 1987.

The Red Devils boss has since gone on to win 13 Barclays Premier League titles - a feat that Charlton was quick to praise today.

"He is such a fantastic manager. Everything he has done has been fantastic," said Charlton.

"He is a sensational person in every form and I am really delighted for him.

"I am a director but I hardly do anything because we are winning all the time and it is all down to Sir Alex Ferguson.

"He would get up in the middle of the night and travel 300 miles if he thought there was a school boy that he could sign.

"He loves the game and we at the club have had nothing to do really."

The former United striker thinks there were several reasons behind the 71-year-old's decision to call time on his career.

"He has made his decision on various grounds like (because of) his family and because of the hip operation he will have this summer."

Law and Charlton were speaking at the launch of Royal Mail’s football heroes stamps, in which they were named among Britain’s greatest 11 players.