MUST WATCH: Everton release playercam video strapped to young goalkeeper Russell Griffiths

Griffiths goes through his paces on the club's pre-season tour

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Ever thought you could make it as a Premier League footballer?

We all have at some point and Everton have given us a sneak preview into just how hard it is to reach the top.

Goalkeepers aren't known for their stamina, pace or ability to last for 90 minutes in England's top flight - or at any level of football - but Under-21 goalkeeper Russell Griffiths shows even stoppers need to be at the peak of fitness to make it to the top.

The 18-year-old was a part of Everton's title-winning Under-18 side before being moved up a level this summer.

In the video released by the club, Griffiths is put through a lengthy regime that leaves him gasping for breath at their pre-season training camp in Austria.


Breathless stuff.