Fabio Borini reveals he wants to be an interior designer

'I am building a house in Ibiza at the moment and all the interiors will be my idea'

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Sunderland striker Fabio Borini has revealed what he would like to do after he finishes his football career - become an interior designer.

The Italian, who moved to the North East from Liverpool for £8million in the summer, says he has already designed a chair and even a company logo for when his career is over.

"When I buy houses, I like to do all my own interior design — I like to pick the taps and other small details like that," the 24-year-old told The Sun.

"I am building a house in Ibiza at the moment and all the interiors will be my idea.

"Sometimes it is simple stuff, but instead of a bedside table in my bedroom I like a shelf, and I designed a hole at the back of it for a phone charger to go through so the cable is not everywhere. I also recently designed a chair and am still looking for a way to produce it. My father’s friend made a model of it for my wedding present in June.

"I have thought about setting up my own company and I have already designed a logo using my initials, which I would like to have engraved into furniture. “I can’t really talk about interior design in the dressing room because nobody will be interested - they would probably be bored after two minutes!"

Borini faces his former team tonight when the Reds travel to the Stadium of Light. 

He has scored in each of his last two games, but Sam Allardyce's 19th-placed side have lost all of their last four matches.  

Borini continued: "When I finish football, maybe I will go back to finish what I started at school.

"From interior design, I think you can understand loads about the personality of a person.

"Even the colour of a chair will tell you more about a person than if you talk to that person for an hour."