Fabio Cannavaro fails miserably with Steven Gerrard tribute on Facebook - by accidentally posting picture of Frank Lampard

The Italian got his former England midfielders mixed up

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Everyone knew Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard couldn't play together, but in the case of Fabio Cannavaro, telling the difference between them is a problem too.

The Italian paid his respects to Gerrard as the Liverpool captain made his final appearance at Anfield with a post on Facebook.

In doing so, the 2006 World Cup winner used an array of hashtags, including #stevengerrard #gerrard #england #respect #history and #topplayers.

And he included an image for good measure - only the person competing for the ball with Cannavaro in the picture was not Gerrard but his former England team-mate Frank Lampard.



In Cannavaro's defence, the Gerrard and Lampard have many similarities, from the wearing of the number eight shirt, making over 100 appearances for England and playing in midfield. But even so, it was still an epic fail form the Italian.