Familiarity breeds envy as Moyes seeks to stall Jol's pursuit

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This time last year it was Moyes in the pressured position of having to cling on to fourth place while a local rival not only hovered on his shoulder in the Premiership but aimed to overshadow his unexpected achievement by winning the European Cup. When Everton did hang on, and Liverpool subsequently triumphed in the final in Istanbul, the argument over who should be England's final representative in the Champions' League almost ended in court before Uefa handed a wildcard entry to the Anfield club and closed the loophole by ruling that in future the cup holders should take precedence over the fourth-placed team in the league. It is the nightmare scenario that now looms for Spurs.

"I would have a lot of sympathy for Tottenham if they finished fourth and didn't get in but it would be great for the country if Arsenal won the Champions League," Moyes said yesterday. "We found ourselves in a similar situation last season but with one, major difference; that last season it wasn't in the rules as to who should qualify for the Champions' League so it was always a nonsense to say that we shouldn't be allowed to enter."

Moyes is jealous of the Dutchman's success this season but, citing another contrast between the two clubs' achievements, is also envious of the financial outlay that Tottenham have provided for their manager.

"Tottenham have spent quite heavily to get into this position. We didn't," he said. "They have turned their club around and good on them, the manager has made good signings."

The Everton manager, who will be without Mikel Arteta for the Easter programme after the midfielder suffered an ankle injury in training, added: "If it wasn't for our start to the season we might have been in there contesting [for a Champions' League place] but we now have an opportunity to show that there is not much difference between ourselves and Tottenham."