Fan's Eye View: Arsenal

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FA Cup Final. After 1980 [losing to Valecia] and 2000 [This time Galatasary] to finally win on penalties has to be up there with the greatest moments in the club's history. What is the point of playing well and losing?

And the worst?

FA Cup Final.

Who was your best player last season?

Can't not go for Henry. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Who was the most under-rated?

Cesc Fabregas. Luckily he's not English or his head would be ten times bigger, he'd be worth £30m and be demanding a transfer and he might even have made the shortlist for PFA young player of the year.

And the worst player?

Vieira. He must have been the worst. We sold him.

What was the most memorable moment?

When the camera panned the crying United supporters at the end of the Cup Final.

Funniest moment, If any?


Whos (Are you sure this isn't the Gruaniad?) was the best individual performance against you?

Christian Ronaldo in the FA Cup final... or loser as we prefer to call him.

Best set of fans, besides your own?

The Manchester United fans who burned their season tickets after having already played their last match, renewed their season tickets in record numbers after organising a boycott and flogged their shares to Glazer after vowing not. You can't beat support like that.

Best chant?


Which ground is your favourite to visit and why?

Barnet. It means the Football season is about to start again.

What improvements need to be made this season?

The tannoy in the East Lower is rubbish.

Individual with most to prove?

Ashley Cole.... about £80,000 grand a week to prove.

Which game are you most looking forward to?

Arsenal v Chelsea. We've got a tenner on an own goal by Ashley Cole.

Which of your young players has impressed you?

Cesc "He's only 17, he's better than Roy Keane" Fabregas.

If money was no object which player or manager would like to see at your club?

Birgit Prinz [German female footballer]

What would you consider to be a good season?

Having no players imprisoned.

How would you sum up your manager?

Arsène sait tout [Arsene knows everything]

If you had to put a £1m bet on where your team finishes, where would you say?

Ashburton Grove.