Fan's Eye View: Chelsea

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Barcelona at home in the Champions League.

And the worst?

Liverpool away in the Champions League.

Who was your best player last season?

Joe Cole. He completely changed people's perception of him.

Who was the most under-rated?

William Gallas, especially when you consider he played half the season at left back.

And the worst player?

No such thing in the current Chelsea side!!

What was the most memorable moment?

When we finally sealed the title at Bolton.

Who's was the best individual performance against you?

Ronaldinho for Barcelona against us in both Champions League games.

Best set of fans, besides your own?

Scunthorpe at the Bridge in the FA Cup.

Which ground is your favourite to visit and why?

The Millennium Stadium simply because it means you're in a final!

Individual with most to prove?

Didier Drogba, but he'll come good.

Which game are you most looking forward to?

Chelsea vs Arsenal; Champions vs Runners-up!

Which of your young players has impressed you?

Carlton Cole always did and I think it's encouraging that Mourinho seems to have given him the chance to prove himself.

If money was no object which player or manager would like to see at your club?


What would you consider to be a good season?

To finish as Champions.

How would you sum up your manager?

A charismatic genius.

If you had to put a £1m bet on where your team finishes, where would you say?