Fan's Eye View: Liverpool

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Champions League final. I've never witnessed a match like it.

And the worst?

Burnley away was a disaster, only half a team was put out, it was a non-performance and their away performances last season.

Who was your best player last season?

Jamie Callagher - he has a line of consistency and he was outstanding.

Who was the most under-rated?

Steve Finnan - He has been there a while and didn't look like he was getting to grips - when you sign for a club some players struggle because it's a really big thing but he has handled it really well.

And the worst player?

Harry Kewell there was no performance. There were a lot of questions was he really injured, was he not.

What was the most memorable moment?

The Champions League final - I wont see anything like it in my life again.

Funniest moment, if any?

The Stevie G saga - was he leaving. He changes his mind more than my wife getting ready for dinner.

Whos was the best individual performance against you?

Can't think of any in particular.

Best set of fans, besides your own?

Newcastle - There are lots of lows and not just highs, they are outstanding fans for those that don't win that much.

Best chant?

Don't know. You'll Never Walk Alone.

Which ground is your favourite to visit and why?

Deepdale Preston North End. There are a lot of memories there. It was my debut and I followed in my fathers footsteps.

What improvements need to be made this season?

They need at least six new players.

Individual with most to prove?

Steven Gerrard, He's such a good player but everyone will be looking at him this season.

Which game are you most looking forward to?

Man Utd are always titanic. There is 30 miles difference so it's a big game to watch and play.

Champions league games - I want to see how far they will get this year.

Which of your young players has impressed you?

Arguably Steven Warnock has a chance. There aren't that many coming up.

If money was no object which player or manager would like to see at your club?

Thierry Henry, He's the best type of striker, pace, skill, etc.

What would you consider to be a good season?

To finish in the the top three.

How would you sum up your manager?

Lucky, He has fantastic qualities, but he is very lucky.

If you had to put a £1m bet on where your team finishes, where would you say?