Fan's Eye View: West Brom

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Last game of the season at home against Pompey - we won and stayed up! The game was surreal. As the Saints were in the relegation mix every time

Pompey went up their fans booed and told them to kick it out. Weird. Nice but weird. And the Sailor-boys all bought Albion shirts. We are going have to buy them a pint next season.

And the worst?

Away to Pompey when we threw a good lead away. This was before they were our best friends.

Who was your best player last season?

Kieran Richardson was a revelation!

Who was the most under-rated?

Jason Koumas. He is a big-headed so and so and has fallen out with Robbo, but what can you do.

And the worst player?

Kanu. Do you know when that American bought London Bridge thinking he was getting Tower Bridge? Well we didn't even get London Bridge.

What was the most memorable moment?

Without doubt the last day of the season when we stayed up!

Funniest moment, If any?

Being bear hugged and kissed by our deputy-chairman on the last day after we stayed up. I'm male.

Whos was the best individual performance against you?

The home game against Liverpool on Boxing Day. We lost 5-0 and even though we were poor that day their open and set play was phenomenal.

Best set of fans, besides your own?

It stick's in my throat to say this but Man U. They were obviously Manc's from their accents whilst they chanted non-stop throughout the game.

Best chant?

This was in the delivery rather than the chant itself. Seeing 5000 mad Londoner's do the Soccer AM's "Easy Easy" chant and actions at the Hawthorns was funny. B*****ds.

Which ground is your favourite to visit and why?

The ground I enjoyed visiting last year was Highbury. It is a shed down granddad's allotments but seeing the record-making Gunners team at home was worth the trip. And we drew. Bonus.

What improvements need to be made this season?

Stop microwaving the pies. Pies are supposed to have a hard crust, not be all soggy. Oh you meant on the pitch!?! We are a not-quite there as a team: we need a goal-scorer who has been doing it in the Prem for years. And a defence would be nice.

Individual with most to prove?

Kanu. If he's still there. If he can get through a game without falling over, when he's played himself out of options, trying to get a foul I'll wear a Wolves kit.

Which game are you most looking forward to?

Wigan. Surprised? Jason Roberts is the reason. He left us as he thought we'd do nothing. We did, Wigan didn't. They've come up now but I think there is still a great deal of bad blood there. And his uncle is our living legend Cyrille Regis. How bad is that? It's like Jeff Astle's son playing for Wolves and scoring the winning goal against us in the FA Cup final.

Which of your young players has impressed you?

Kieran Richardson. If he's not an England regular by the time Germany comes around there's no justice. The pure unadulterated joy the kid has when playing is amazing. The snap of him held aloft at the end of the season suns him up perfectly. I just hope he comes back down from Man U for the season.

If money was no object which player or manager would like to see at your club?

I'd not change Brian Robson. A few great Italians would be good. And Jaap Stam please. Having seen the performances of our first team last year every week, I'm convinced they think a defender is what the chairman drives to work in.

What would you consider to be a good season?

Not only staying up, but finishing mid table.

How would you sum up your manager?

In the 70's we all used to sing "Bryan Robson walks on water!" I think that sums it up nicely.

If you had to put a £1m bet on where your team finishes, where would you say?

17th or above. Nothing like confidence, eh?