Frank Lampard to Chelsea: Former midfielder tells rowdy Blues fans 'I'll be back'

Lampard now plays for New York City FC

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Frank Lampard has promised Chelsea supporters that he will return to Stamford Bridge.

The midfielder has at long last joined up with New York City FC but found time to attend a supporters' event in the Big Apple earlier this week.

Despite his stint with rivals Manchester City last season, the rowdy Chelsea fans began chanting "we want our Frankie back" to the ex-Stamford Bridge hero.

They got the response they wanted, with the 37-year-old taking the microphone on stage to declare: "I'll be back."


Considering Lampard's age, it seems unthinkable that he will return in a playing capacity. But having spent 13 years at the club and played an integral role in the club's most successful ever period, an alternative position at Stamford Bridge could be a possibility.