Friends urge manager not to walk away

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Peter Reid is still thinking over his future as the manager of Leeds United, but friends are urging him not to resign despite his bitter feelings over last week's public speculation about his future at the club.

Reid failed to attend the post-match press conference after Leeds' 2-1 win over Blackburn Rovers on Saturday and was considering whether to leave that victory as a defiant last gesture before walking out of Elland Road. Although he was given a vote of confidence by the Leeds chairman, John McKenzie, last week, doubts about his future have persisted.

Reid has talked to many friends within the game over the past few days, but most have told him to stay put rather than walk away. There is also the major factor of compensation, as Reid will not be paid his contract in full if he falls on his sword, while he would get a large sum if he was sacked, with £800,000 potentially at stake.

A close friend of Reid said: "Peter is low about the way this has been handled. His original thought was to go, but he is now thinking it through. However, there could be an announcement this week."