Garth Crooks struggles to find interest in a day spent watching football

He didn't even seem that shocked by Aston Villa scoring for the first time in the league for 659 minutes

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Garth Crooks said that Hector Bellerin's goal against Aston Villa last weekend made him "sit up and take notice" of the young defender.

Yet during Final Score on the BBC, the former Spurs man seemed to not be able to sit up at all, appearing incredibly bored by the prospect of an afternoon spent working in a job that most men would love to have: watching football all afternoon.

Perhaps Crooks, ever the professional, was hoping to hide his glee at his former side beating their bitter rivals Arsenal in the North London derby? He was seen was his head resting on his arm as he watched the 3 o'clock games kick off, seemingly not bothered by the entertainment in front of him, while Dion Dublin displayed a more enthralled expression.

Crooks couldn't even be awoken from his stupor by Aston Villa equalising against the leaders Chelsea, their first goal in 659 minutes of league football, the fourth worst  goalless run in Premier League history. Dublin shouts out loud and grabs Crooks' arm as he watches Jores Okore head into the Chelsea goal. Crooks turns to look at the screen and his expression does not change at all. He seems utterly unfazed by the remarkable scenes at Villa Park.

Does he not know he could get an opening at ITV Sport now that Adrian Chiles has gone?