Gill beats drum for Glazers

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"I was part of the board which viewed the Glazers' [takeover] plans as being aggressive," United's chief executive said. "But we have got to know a bit more about their plans. There are opportunities and I would urge the fans to give the Glazers a chance. I will make my views clear and hopefully the new owners will take those opinions on board.

"I do not think I am there just to implement their plans, that is not something which would interest me. I will not be a 'yes' man. That is not my style and I do not think it would be appropriate for Manchester United."

Gill said that Wayne Rooney would not be sold even though the family's buy-out had landed them £500m in debt. "The Glazer family have experience in sports ownership. They realise success on the pitch drives what happens off it."

Gill also saidthat Cristiano Ronaldo was close to signing a new contract, and he was confidentthat Rio Ferdinand would follow suit.

Gill found it necessary to defend Ferdinand against allegations of disloyalty for his tardiness in signing a new contract. "There is no stumbling block. It is too easy when you are looking at multimillion-pound contracts and a player's career to say, 'If you don't sign you are disloyal'. We don't see it like that, the manager doesn't and I am sure most people in the club don't."