Goodison noisier than Anfield, says Wenger

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The Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, thinks that playing at Everton's Goodison Park is now a more intimidating prospect than running out at Anfield to face Liverpool.

Speaking at yesterday's launch of Arsenal TV, the club's new television channel, Wenger was asked what ground he most likes or hates visiting for a match.

"Liverpool have the same kind of support, but Everton are a bit more aggressive because they are up at the moment," Wenger said. "Over the last one or two years, it has been one of the noisiest grounds and has a great atmosphere. Liverpool is the same, but now a little bit more genteel."

Wenger considered re-signing Nicolas Anelka, the former Arsenal striker who moved from Bolton to Chelsea last week. "It might have happened," he said. "I think he felt he wanted to put something right, but it didn't work out. You always get the feeling you should let somebody go who has left, but there was some consideration, yes."