Harry Redknapp reveals details of heart scare


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Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has revealed he will be back on the White Hart Lane touchline soon.

The 64-year-old has spoken about his heart scare, revealing he had chest pains and struggled to breathe as he ran at home.

He had two stents inserted to unblock coronary arteries on Wednesday, forcing him to miss yesterday's Europa League Group A game at Rubin Kazan.

However, he has made good progress in his recuperation and is planning to return to the White Hart Lane touchline "in a couple of weeks".

He told The Sun: "I have a running machine at home and run or jog for around half an hour several times a week to help stay fit.

"But this time I went on and had been running for no more than about two minutes when I felt pains in my chest. I had hardly got going when it went tight and I was struggling to breathe.

"As soon as that happens you know the best thing to do is stop immediately, which I did.

"I wasn't that frightened if I'm honest - but it was clearly a warning sign from within.

"I just stopped running there and then and I went to see the club doctor at Spurs. He got me in to see a specialist on Saturday and by Monday I was in hospital.

"I've had narrow or blocked arteries for some time. I've been taking tablets for it just like a lot of people my age do. It's no big thing."

On Wednesday's procedure, Redknapp continued: "They didn't even put me out. I was sort of half-conscious while they did what they had to do and now it's all taken care of.

"I haven't had a heart attack. It was just that the specialist told me the arteries needed doing now.

"So we arranged it all and here I am. I feel fine and everyone tells me I will soon be feeling better than ever.

"I'm lucky that I work in an industry where there are experts and specialists on hand to look after you properly."

Redknapp says his doctor has told him to put his feet up "for the next couple of weeks".

He said: "That's handy because after this weekend we have a break for international matches coming up anyway.

"After that I'll be back in at Tottenham and back on the training pitch."

The defiant Poplar-born man is looking forward to returning to the challenges of Premier League management.

He added: "This isn't going to stop me doing the job I love."

"I love my football and won't be walking away any time soon. I can assure everyone I'm doing okay.

"It won't stop me running - I might even do the marathon one day."