Henry tells Arsenal's youngsters to put team before ego

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The teenager Cesc Fabregas vowed to heed the warnings of Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry for Arsenal's youngsters to put the team before their own "egos" or the temptation to "showboat".

Bergkamp warned that Arsenal could end up with no trophies this season unless the youngsters continued to learn from experienced players how to play for the team, rather than as individuals.

Henry added: "I agree with Dennis, we need to go back to trying to play for each other, spend less time on the ball and make it move quicker. If we do that then we are the team that everyone fears.

"You win things as a team. When I was young I had to learn that as I wanted to showboat at times and sometimes I just wanted to please the crowd.

"But in this game you learn quickly that you need to be efficient, and to be good for the team. Sometimes you might think it makes you look bad individually, but you need to do it for the team.

"That was difficult for me at the beginning of my career, putting my own ego on the side and playing for the team. But once you understand that, all the other things open up for you."

Henry said: "It is as Dennis said, we need to play like a team. That's not just the youngsters, all of us, we all need to fight for the team and not just for ourselves. You win as a team and you lose as an individual."