Holloway calls for video technology

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Ian Holloway has urged the authorities to give referees a helping hand and bring video technology into football.

The Blackpool boss was incensed at the way his side lost 3-2 to Manchester City at Bloomfield Road yesterday.

Holloway claimed referee Phil Dowd made three crucial wrong decisions that swung the game.

He claimed Carlos Tevez was offside for his first goal and a foul had been committed against Ian Evatt in the build-up to the striker's second.

Holloway was also aggrieved that Gary Taylor-Fletcher had his effort disallowed in the second half with the scores level.

Holloway, however, felt some sympathy for Dowd and directed his criticism at FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

He said: "The best team might win then rather than a great big team as we minnows never get a decision.

"David is filling up his sling again and I know where I want to aim it - straight at Mr Blatter. Why don't we all do it because this game is being ruined in the top flight.

"I haven't got any respect for anyone at the top of the game who does not understand that we need to use technology to stop these things happening.

"I would like the fourth official to have a five-second delay camera and watch it on a monitor. We do not want the referee to get anything wrong. How much easier would their life be? Phil Dowd can only do it on what he sees.

"Just give it a trial. We could do it in the Premier League as you have already got the footage.

"As a manager I am just frustrated. The referees cannot do any more. FIFA and UEFA can. It is so simple."

Newly-promoted Blackpool are still looking for their first home win after defeating Wigan, Newcastle and famously Liverpool on the road.

However Holloway had nothing but praise for his side following the defeat by City, who moved to second in the table.

Substitute Marlon Harewood brought Blackpool level only for Tevez and David Silva - with a glorious solo effort - to pull City clear before Taylor-Fletcher scored in stoppage time.

Holloway added: "I was very proud of my team. I swear we have got to go gung-ho in this division. Football is about being entertaining. "