'I believe we can go through and will finish the job at Juve'

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On such a glorious night for Arsenal it was curious to hear talk of regrets, but the manager Arsène Wenger said after his team's 2-0 victory: "The regret you have is that you feel there was one more goal in this game for us especially with our play in the second half."

Wenger rated his team's chances of winning the tie at still just "50-50", adding: "I believe we can go through and will finish the job at Juventus." He also continued to pay tribute to Patrick Vieira, saying: "You never lose a player like Patrick without suffering a little bit. But another team was born and grows slowly and football is like that."

Wenger said his team had "dominated the game" but his Juventus counterpart, Fabio Capello, accused Arsenal of putting "10 men behind the ball" and showing little "creativity" before they scored. He also implied that they had been given an unfair advantage with the postponement of last Saturday's game against Portsmouth and questioned Jonathan Zebina's red card.

As for Vieira, Capello said: "We didn't give him a chance to celebrate tonight." He argued that the tie was "still alive", saying: "We can make another big match in Turin." To progress, Juventus will have to.