'I was signing autographs and I never saw him' - Alex Ferguson rubbishes Rafa Benitez handshake claims

Chelsea manager claimed his Manchester United peer snubbed him

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has rubbished claims that he refused to shake the hand of Rafael Benitez last weekend.

The Chelsea interim manager claimed that prior to his side's FA Cup match at Old Trafford that the Manchester United manager refused to shake his hand.

"I was waiting at the beginning of the tunnel to shake hands and he just walked past me," he said.

"Normally we shake hands. I was waiting to shake hands because I have education and I know there are a lot of people watching."

Angry at the apparent snub, Benitez then in turn opted not to fulfil the traditional end of match embrace at the end of the entertaining 2-2 draw. Instead the interim manager went and celebrated his side's comeback with the Chelsea players.

Yet Ferguson has said today that Benitez is talking "nonsense".

"It is nonsense," said the Scot. "Why would I refuse to shake his hand?

"I was signing autographs and I never saw him.

"Why he has said that I have no idea. If he wanted to shake hands he could have stood straight in front of me.

"It is absolute nonsense."

The replay between the sides has been scheduled for Easter Monday.