I'm not sure Jordan Henderson can replace Steven Gerrard... but he is quality, says former Liverpool striker Michael Owen

Former Reds striker says Henderson a 'decent choice' to take over as captain

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Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen says he doesn't think Jordan Henderson has the talent to replace Steven Gerrard - but not many do.

With Gerrard set for a move to Major League Soccer at the end of the season, ending a 17-year Liverpool career, Reds manager Brendan Rodgers has pointed to Henderson as the man to replace Gerrard, both as captain and as a player.

But Owen, who scored 158 goals in 297 matches for the club, says he is not yet convinced that Henderson, who had a terrific game in the win against Aston Villa, can truly replace Gerrard.

"I am reluctant to compare Henderson to Gerrard, as I don’t believe he is blessed with the talent of Stevie and I’m not sure he will be able to develop it," wrote Owen on Sportlobster.com.

"He’s a quality player and talkative on the pitch. He plays every game and when you look around the pitch for candidates, there aren’t too many obvious choices."

Rodgers has named Henderson his vice-captain for the season and is expected to give him the job full time after Gerrard leaves.

"I think Jordan Henderson will captain Liverpool, judging on what Rodgers has been saying about him. Obviously, you need a player who will feature regularly and Jordan looks like a permanent fixture in the team.

"I think he is a decent replacement as captain, but I wouldn’t want to compare him with Gerrard because there aren’t too many players in the same league as Gerrard in terms of quality."