Jack Wilshere responds to smoking claims by posting a picture of Zinedine Zidane with a cigarette before claiming 'I don't smoke!'

The Arsenal and England midfielder was pictured with a cigarette outside a nightclub prompting his manager Arsene Wenger to admit he'll talk to him about the incident

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Jack Wilshere has responded to claims that he was snapped smoking outside of a London nightclub, posting a picture of France legend Zinedine Zidane on his official Twitter account smoking while also writing: “But for the record….I don’t smoke!”

The picture was published in today’s copy of The Sun, leading to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admitting he will speak with the England international about the incident.

“I disagree completely with that behaviour,” Wenger said at his press conference this morning. “I don’t know really what happened, I need to have a chat with him about that.”

“There’s two things: first of all, when you are a footballer you are an example, and [second] you don’t do what damages your health. But when you do it in public, you damage your reputation as well.”

However, Wilshere responded to the criticisms by posting the picture of Zidane in what appeared to suggest a comparison that if the former Ballon d’Or winner could smoke while becoming the best player in the world, then why couldn't he.

The 22-year-old was quick to post a second comment though, reaffirming the earlier statement that he wasn’t a smoker and that he was only doing it in the picture for a joke.

An earlier statement by a spokesman of Wilshere’s said: “Jack was with team-mates and friends. “One dared Jack, who does not smoke, to momentarily hold the cigarette as part of a prank.

“Jack absolutely didn’t smoke the cigarette and nor does he condone smoking. Jack is utterly committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In no way is this picture an accurate reflection of his attitude to smoking.”

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